Air Canada Faces Penalty for Violating Disability Regulations: Transport Agency

Air Canada has been penalized by the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) for violating regulations related to accessible transportation for persons with disabilities. The agency imposed a penalty of $97,500 on Air Canada due to multiple infractions of the regulations. One particular incident involved a passenger with spastic cerebral palsy who faced difficulties disembarking the aircraft.

In this distressing case, the individual, who couldn’t move his legs and required a wheelchair, was left to disembark unassisted. Additionally, the CTA highlighted Air Canada’s failure to ensure regular check-ins on the passenger while waiting in the terminal.

Acknowledging its breach of Canadian disability regulations, Air Canada issued an apology to a British Columbia man. The passenger was compelled to drag himself off a flight in Las Vegas during the summer, prompting the airline to address the issue.

GATINEAU, Quebec served as the backdrop for the CTA’s announcement of the penalty, emphasizing the seriousness of the airline’s infractions. Specifically, the penalty of $97,500 was imposed for various violations of the Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations.

The incident in question occurred on August 30, where Air Canada failed to provide proper assistance to a wheelchair user during the disembarkation process. This enforcement action underscores the significance of adherence to regulations that ensure the accessibility and support of individuals with disabilities in transportation settings.

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